Collaborative Financial and Operational Modelling

Envisage is an out of the box application which works in conjunction with the organisations existing systems to enhance business performance. The key focuses of Envisage are on premises Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Modelling which gives management a dynamic look at their organisations performance. Envisage maximises an organisations Business Information functions and eliminates much of the challenges that come with a manual spreadsheet reporting environment.

Easy to implement

  • Out of the box core, with customisable modules to suit your needs
  • Contains pre-packaged management reports that are easy to customise
  • Rule based formulae that does not require code to modify
  • Employs a secure, central database to increase data integrity and accuracy

Easy to maintain

  • Uses the MS Excel environment for set-up, maintenance, report and analysis
  • Hierarchies can be automatically loaded from source systems
  • Snapshot forecast and budgets
  • Minimal maintenance – no specialist IT technical skills required

Easy to use

  • Leverages users’ existing Excel skills and knowledge
  • Works in conjunction with existing systems, no need to overhaul everyday operations
  • Selection of built-in industry standard forecasting and budgeting rules
  • Monthly Actuals automated
  • Forecast updated after Actualising

A complete system

  • Based around a powerful, secure multi-user, multi-dimensional database
  • Greatly reduce the budgeting cycle
  • Create “what-if” scenarios to plan for different hurdles
  • Multi-currency calculator to reduce challenges that come with dealing with multiple currencies
  • A central repository of the organisation’s knowledge and information
  • Supports Continuous Forecasting by allowing ongoing forwards projections eg: 12, 18 or 24 periods
  • Integrates periodic forecasting and annual budget into a single seamless process
  • Complete solution for Forecasting, Budgeting, Management Reporting , Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Analysis

A cost effective solution

  • Attractive fixed monthly fee for all software and services – no initial implementation costs
  • Fast and low risk set up and implementation
Helping you be in control

Management Reporting

  • Automated management reporting pack improves efficiency of month-end process
  • Drill down capabilities for further analysis
  • Greater accuracy and assurance in figures
  • Spend less time creating reports and more time analysing information

Continuous Forecasting

  • Built-in selection of forecasting rules
  • Greatly reduce the forecasting and budgeting cycle time
  • Minimise errors and increase accuracy and data confidence
  • Maintain data integrity with a single source of truth
  • Increase analysis capabilities of the finance team
  • Create “what-if” scenarios


  • Greatly reduce the time taken as well as calculation errors with multi-currency reporting
  • Users choose rates and how to apply to reports

Eliminate Spreadsheet Challenges

  • Ad-hoc reporting – using a multi-dimensional database, Envisage gives users the flexibility to create reports on the fly and not be limited by static spreadsheet reporting.
  • Consolidation – greatly increase efficiency in consolidation of multiple business units. As information for all units are stored within the core of Envisage, users can consolidate throughout the organisational structure with a simple click of a button.
  • Accuracy – eliminate human error which comes with manual linking of spreadsheets and greatly increase the integrity of information.
  • Version control – having multiple versions of a report can often misguide decision making. Eliminate this pain as Envisage acts as a data warehouse, creating a single source of truth within the entire organisation.

Want to learn more?

Envisage Product Sheet

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