SatoriFP&A and Workiva Partner to bring Automated reporting to Finance

Transform the last mile of finance

Satori FP&A works with many finance teams whose quarterly, half-year, or annual regulatory and statutory reporting requirements are an onerous task, often stretching the financial reporting teams to their limits using manual processes. Partnering with Workiva, SatoriFP&A brings our customers world-leading Financial Reporting Automation and Collaboration, saving hundreds of hours of work as well as reducing the risk of errors and omissions in the process.   

The last mile of Finance.  What is it, and what’s so hard about it?  Like running a marathon, the last mile of Finance may be the most difficult to complete.  What does this entail? 

The “last mile of Finance” is generally described as the activities that occur after the closing of the books and generation of a trial balance – through to annual reports and other statutory and regulatory filings.  The last mile includes the following: 

  • Generating and finalising the consolidated financial statements 
  • Management reporting 
  • Board reporting 
  • Presentations, press releases, and earnings calls 
  • ASX/SEC filings and other regulatory reporting 

Having an efficient financial close, consolidation, reporting, and disclosure process is essential to providing timely, accurate information to both internal and external stakeholders.  Most importantly, having the proper processes and software tools in place is critical to effectively executing the final mile of Finance. 

Workiva, the provider of the world’s leading connected reporting and compliance platform, is used by thousands of enterprises across 180 countries, including more than 75 percent of Fortune 500® companies, and by government agencies.  

Workiva brings together everything you need
—teammates, datasets, and data sources—
so you can work better in the cloud.
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.
Automate what’s slowing you down. Focus on what fires you up.

As a Planful Partner, SatoriFP&A now combines the best of breed Cloud-based Planning tools with best of breed Reporting tools  

The Workiva Planful API integration enables Planful users to upload their detailed data sets and full reports directly to Wdesk, thereby offering a full, end-to-end solution for financial reporting and disclosures. 

The enhanced API between Wdesk and Planful helps users transform how they manage and report business data by streamlining a wide variety of accounting and finance processes. 

With the click of a button, customers can import defined data sets, such as income statements, balance sheets, management reports, board reports and other financial statements directly from Planful into Wdesk. Wdesk can then be used for writing and linking narrative, commentary and reviews as well as creating final reports for boards, executives and ASX/NZX Reporting Requirements. 

Key benefits of the enhanced API include: 

  • Increased agility and accelerated reporting process: Users are able to create, collaborate and analyze dynamic management and performance reports faster than before. 
  • Improved accuracy: Users are able to create a single, trusted version for financial and operating results with linking, audit trail and built-in workflow, which helps ensure data accuracy across their entire process. 
  • Improved control over disclosure process: Planful with Wdesk allows users to manage complex reporting requirements, including ASX Filings, SEC filings tagged with XBRL and Inline XBRL. 


It’s time for a change.

While you can’t change the fundamental requirements of finance, like closing the books or building financial plans and reports, you can automate and accelerate those activities to free finance from the manual, laborious work that consumes so much of their time.

You can provide business leaders with relevant data when it’s needed, engage in faster financial planning, and make more informed strategic decisions more frequently. It all starts with recognising the needs of today’s finance teams, while resetting the organisation’s outlook on what finance can be.

The next step is leveraging the right technology to help. Continuous Planning must be built upon a modern platform where all organisational data, tasks, deliverables, and collaboration exist in one user experience, accessible to finance and business users anytime and from anywhere. Automation and intelligence help to eliminate routine and recurring tasks and eliminate errors, condensing weeks of work into minutes and freeing finance to focus on strategic partnership and decision-making.

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