The premier end-to-end unified Close,

Reconciliation and Transaction Matching process

Satori FP&A now delivers the premier end-to-end unified close process providing control and visibility from close to consolidate to report and plan.
Our integrated platform ensures all finance teams gain visibility into the Accounting close process, where the FP&A team can proactively start earlier with greater confidence while reducing overall cycle times, allowing the accounting team to completely focus on the close process.

    • Increase confidence and accuracy
    • Reduce close and planning cycle times
    • Improve analytical support
    • Greater efficiency and enhanced decision making

Strong Reconciliation Foundation

Produce accurate and audit-ready balance sheet reconciliations as a foundation to accurate planning and analysis. With this solution, users can substantiate reconciliations with documentation and comments, enabling in-product workflows, rather than emails or chats. Reviewers and managers can immediately and always see the progress of the reconciliations across month-end and the impact on the business.

Start Planning and Analysis Sooner

How much of the deferred revenue accounts have to be reconciled before you can start planning – 70%, 80%? How easy is it to get that info today? With visibility to the status of those recs yourself you can determine when to pull details into our Satori FP&A Software for planning and consolidation.

End-to-End Close Workflow

Complete workflow capabilities to manage all tasks of the financial close from Accounting to FP&A. Track dependencies, and manage communications and requests, all with visibility and metrics at the team, entity, and company levels.


The Challenge

You’re under growing pressure to close your books faster for the finance team to consolidate and report, yet you’re surrounded by legacy tools and processes to manage your reconciliation and financial close. You lack open visibility and control into the whole process. You find yourself making corrections often because your manual processes are prone to error. You run into obstacles you can’t’ predict. Your team is getting burnout to meet tight deadlines. Your planning gets delayed due to slow financial close cycles. Digging up supporting documentation for accounts is challenging or nonexistent.

The constant setbacks in your current close process are not sustainable and does not allow ample time for consolidation, reporting and planning. It’s time to embrace new technology and go beyond fractured processes.

Our Solution

Best-of-breed financial platforms are partnering to help finance teams globally. Satori FP&A together with Trintech, Planful and Workiva provides integrated solutions that automate financial processes, end-to-end. The global partnership connects financial close management to financial planning and analysis, helping finance and account teams in mid-sized firms focus on critical business priorities. Finance and accounting teams will be able to work faster, more effectively, and with more confidence with close management process deeply connected to FP&A.

Streamline your financial close work from high volume matching, account reconciliations and overarching financial close management. Improve accuracy, and reduce risk, and better manage the detailed process of the financial close. Produce accurate and audit-ready balance sheet reconciliations as a foundation to accurate planning and analysis.



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